We have a three-way system of teaching. It consists of private’s lessons, group classes and practice parties. A private lesson is personalized for the specific goals and needs of the individual. The group class is designed for the person to be able to learn on their own in a group environment. The practice party is designed for the individual to be able to practice what they have learned from a private lesson and/or a group class with different partners in a comfortable environment.

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Beginner Program

The beginner program is designed to teach you the basics of four to five popular social dances.


Foundation Program

The foundation program teaches you the basics of three to five variations of popular social dances. It enables you to gain more confidence on the dance floor and have more fun!


Bronze Program

The bronze program is our most popular level and will make you an all-around comfortable and confident social dancer. You will be able to dance to any music and with any partner.


Silver Program

The silver program is the highest form of social dancing we teach. It is a more elegant and sophisticated level of dancing. These are the people that when you see them on the floor you step aside to watch their dancing.


Gold Program

The gold level is created for competitive and show performance dancing. It is designed for people who want to take their dancing to a more serious level. It is what you see when you watch Dancing with the Stars!


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